Hair Transplantation

Overview :-

Hair is the symbol of beauty and virility. Hair loss has great impact on psychology and the personality of a person. There are several ways to treat hair loss but the permanent method is hair transplant surgery. Not all Hair loss can be treated by Hair transplant surgery. The oldest method is Punch graft which is condemned as it gives an unnatural anterior hair line which is cosmetically not acceptable. The size of the punches ranged from 3mm to 5mm. By 1990 Slit grafts and mini grafts improved the appearance of the anterior hair line as the size of the punch grafts were reduced to half. FUT and FUE gives a natural looking anterior hair line.

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Though the diagnosis can be made clinically. But it is very difficult to assess the calibre and density of the hair and the no. of hairs required in a bald area. Folliscope is a digital device used for obtaining this information very easily and quickly.

Follicular Unit Transplant(FUT/Strip surgery)

This gives a natural looking anterior hair line. Hair from the back is taken along with the skin and the follicular units are separated under Video microscope. These units are implanted in the bald areas. The skin at the back is closed by suturing. Earlier the donor site scars were bad but with trichophytic closure hair grows through the scar and the scar is hidden.

Follicular Unit Extraction(FUE)

This is the most advanced technique. Follicular units are extracted directly from the scalp using motorised/manual punches. The size of the punch range from 0.8 mm to 1.2 mm. Advantage is no preparations of the follicles are required and they are implanted straight away. There is no donor site incision or suturing.




Both FUT and FUE give the same cosmetic appearance. The difference is the harvesting technique. The implantation method is same in both the techniques. FUT is technician based and FUE is surgeon based. Both procedures are done under local anaesthesia.


There are two methods for implantation. Prepare the holes early using needles and then place the follicular units. In the other method units are placed immediately after making the holes. Recently a device called Follipen is used for implantation. The follicular units are placed in the lumen of the bevelled needle and are used to make the hole and at the same time inserting the follicles. It protects the hair follicles and makes the procedure faster.

Pre-operative preparations:-

Scalp wash from 2 days prior to surgery. Antibodies to be started 1 day prior to surgery.

Post-operative preparations:-

No hospitalisation is required as the entire procedure is done under local anaesthesia. There are no dressings. Medications are only for 4 days. Head bath is allowed after 4 days. In FUT donor site sutures are removed after 10 days.

Complications :- Infection, epidermal cysts formations are rare. The scabs formation is rare if so it may clear off within 2 weeks. Must not pull the scabs away as the transplanted follicles may come off. Shock loss is rare but common in females.


The transplanted hair may fall off after 3 weeks. The result will be evident within 6 to 8 months.

Our Team:-

In 1974 Dr. K.R.Rajappan introduced Punch grafts for the first time in Kerala.

In 1994 Dr. R.Jayakumar introduced the Slit grafts and Mini grafts for the first time in Kerala.

In 2004 Dr. A.J.Guild introduced FUT and in 2010 FUE for the first time in Kerala.


Our centre is the first centre to do hair transplantation in Kerala. We are the first centre in Kerala equipped with the most modern and advanced equipment for hair transplant surgery.