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Specialists Cosmetic Centre is a renowned clinic for cosmetic and plastic surgeries in Kochi, Kerala. The clinic is manned by Dr Jayakumar, acclaimed Plastic, Cosmetic and Microvascular Surgeon in India who has done many successful reconstruction surgeries. Our treatments include rhinoplasty, tummy tuck, hair transplant, male breast reduction, facial rejuvenation and more....

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Butt Lift Surgery

Not everybody has the luxury of exercising regularly and whipping up tasty yet healthy dishes for each meal. In the frenetic pace of life, one often forgets to spend time taking care of one’s own body.

Even regular exercise may not prevent the effects of ageing. It may be upsetting to see a sagging posterior in the mirror, preventing one from wearing one’s favorite outfits. The good news is there are easier and effective ways to get rid of flat or sagging buttocks.

One of the most popular body sculpting techniques is a butt lift surgery. This process effectively transforms the ungainly buttocks into shapely, rounded and proportionate posterior thus helping boost one’s self confidence.

The process involves removing excess skin and fat from the buttock area resulting in more toned, firmer and smoother buttocks. The procedure is comparatively more invasive and involves lifting of skin and fat, thus getting rid of sagging buttocks.

TA variation of the same procedure is the Brazilian butt lift, wherein the buttocks are enhanced using purified fat cells from other parts of the body. This is a body contouring procedure wherein patients achieve a rounder, fuller and firmer buttock using their own tissue; without resorting to use butt implants. The Brazilian butt lift begins with a liposuction procedure where fat from some other area of your body (usually thighs or abdomen) is extracted using a cannula and vacuum.

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Dr. R Jayakumar

Consultant: Plastic, Cosmetic and Microvascular Surgeon


Dr Sivaprasad

Member of European Academy and Venereology,

MD. DV & D

Consultant Dematologist and Cosmetic Dermatologist Former Head of Dept of Al Noor Mediclinic , Abu Dhabi Consultation time 10:00 am – 1:30 pm ( Monday to Friday )

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